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SKIELD Pty Ltd is an engineering company in Australia and Singapore. We specialize in innovative products in the areas of healthcare, environmental control, connected home and industrial IoT.

SKIELD specialises in several areas
in the electronic device space

Starting with Acoustic monitoring of environmental sensitive locations, Skield developed a platform for acoustic surveillance and wireless reporting.

The success of this platform has meant that further development is being done to improve autonomy, signature detection capabilities and communication rates and reliability with a new Acoustic detection device almost complete.

Expanding the platform and Rapid Development environment to other projects has also very highly successful with projects in the consumer business and industrial markets.

What we do

Acoustic Sensors

Acoustic sensors are built upon a versatile platform that incorporates sensitive equipment with software capable of identifying specific acoustic patterns and separate them from background noise. Acoustic sensors are used for identifying invasive species (such as termites or geckos), machinery malfunctioning, high noise levels in public spaces or other purposes.

IoT Platform

Low-power long-range IoT platform operates at sub-GHz frequency range to support a distributed network of connected devices. The platform enables communication between devices primarily in commercial and industrial settings. Current applications include acoustic monitoring, location tracking, and inventory control.

Oil Diffusers

Single- and multiscent ultrasonic dispensers of essential and fragrance oils use noiseless piezo transducer technology that prevents oil spillage. The diffusers are low-power portable programmable devices operating on batteries. Applications of the base technology include household, travelling, hospitality, scent marketing, and wellness industries.

Asset Trackers

Description coming soon.

Our Partners

Our People

Dr. David Lucas

Electronics enthusiast who has taken it too far. After having obtained a doctorate in microelectronics, he continues to try and integrate the latest and the greatest into the designs.

Sami Karjalainen

Software junkie who doesn't know when to stop. There's always a better way to do things and there's not a better person to make the impossible happen. If it can be coded, he'll make it work.

Elena Arens

A boffin with a good eye for discovering new and viable ideas. Keeps the projects on course and the creative types in line. Full of great ideas and a leader in ensuring that all the pieces come together.

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